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Welcome to Start Your Camera!

This is just a section where I explain who I am and why I created this website. This website was created simply because I know that there are many people like me who are pretty new to photography and they don’t know which camera/s to start from.

Growing up, I’ve been exposed to all forms of art and creativity. Later on, I found interest in a specific form of art, which is photography. Of course, as a student, I do not have the money to buy myself expensive and fancy cameras. When I found out that I can take photos without those expensive cameras, I wanted to tell the others who have the same problem as me.

I want to share to people different cameras that I found that are good quality and does not exceed the 300 dollar mark. There are so many cameras that costs over a thousand dollar and people who are just getting started don’t want to invest such money to something they might not use. Of course, the cameras talked about here in Start Your Camera will not top the expensive cameras, but they are enough to get your photography journey started!

The GOAL of Start Your Camera

Start Your Camera will talk about different cameras in detail and link you where to get those cameras. I will be talking about different types of cameras and why they are a good choice. Many people may know all about the cameras but I hope that I will be helpful to others who are new and interested on taking a snapshot of beautiful sights that the smartphones can’t.

The goal of this website is to help people decide what camera fits you and your style! As an example, if you like taking pictures underwater, I will have a camera recommendation that is waterproof.

It is a website where people can find the cameras that they have been looking for and they can find it with an affordable price! Picking a camera to start a hobby or a career can beĀ  overwhelming, but I hope Start Your Camera can ease that for you!!

If you want to see my Instagram account where I post some pictures I take, you can click here.

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