Nikon Coolpix W150

What is this camera?

This camera is one of my personal favourites. As a person who REALLY likes capturing winter and its aesthetics, I fell in love with this camera. Not only it’s waterproof, it also has a 3x Optical Zoom! Taking a video with the quality of 1080p is also a bonus.

When I see something outside and it rains or snows, I don’t need to worry about my phone breaking or not working properly.

If you’re one of those people who likes going underwater and just capturing pictures, like marine life, this camera can actually go underwater up to 10m! Isn’t that pretty awesome? Another bonus is that it has this setting called “Underwater Face Framing” and it detects people’s faces easily so it’s easier for underwater photo shoots. It can also connect to Wi-Fi!

What I also like about this camera is that it’s under $200CAD. Of course, if you’re not in Canada, prices might change but personally, I think that’s a good deal. It can do so many things and it includes other goodies too. It is also portable, so it’s good to carry around when you know you will capture many things under a bitter weather.

I’d say this is a solid 4.5/5 because not only it’s an inexpensive camera but it is also a very good quality for such a price.

I found this camera from The Camera Store and you can look more into details about it. The Camera Store is such a fun name. The specific link is

4 Replies to “Nikon Coolpix W150”

  1. Am a fun of nature and I really hate big bags so this is fit for me. At first I was scared for the price but no one can see through its ability to be underwater for 10m and take a clear video of 1080p . I mean what more could I want. Two years back I bought a key mission Nikon camera from Madagascar and it was a good one, a friend took it though. So, I will check this one out carefully and if it really works for me. I’ll tell my friends too since we tour around together. Thanks for the details

  2. Hi, I have been looking for a good and cheap camera which is best for video recording lately? Is this one good for that purpose or I have to find a completely different camera ?


    1. I would like to think that this camera can be great for video recording since this camera can take 1080p videos. Meaning, this camera can take good quality pictures AND videos. So for video recording purposes, I say go for it!

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