Sony DSC-W830B

What is this camera?

Okay! So, another camera from Henry’s. Sony DSC-W830B is another great optical zoom camera. It has 8x the optical zoom, another perfect camera for people who like details. This is also a camera with Stabilization mode for people like me, who have shaky hands when taking those pictures.

For me, what really stood out was the Beauty Effect feature. Instead of editing pictures in a separate application, it will be much easier to edit in the camera. I also appreciate that this camera have an Intelligent Auto Mode, meaning that it automatically recognizes scenes and adjusts itself to really capture a clear picture just to name a few. Another interesting about Sony DSC-W830B is that it has this mode called: Sweep Panorama. This great mode allows you to create a single wide shot picture while panning the camera. What’s more is that this mode go up to 360 degrees. So if you’re one of those people who have aesthetics relating to Panoramic pictures, this mode is your friend.

Sony DSC-W830B can take 720p HD videos, another good quality camera. Not only this camera easy to carry, this camera costs under $200 CAD. Such a great deal for such a good camera.

Over all, I think Sony DSC-W830B is worth to get for anyone who just likes to have fun taking pictures and it is a simple good quality camera. I think I will rate this 4.0/5 because of the many things this camera has to offer.

If you want to really get in to details with this camera and take a good look at it yourself, the link is

Also, if you have any camera websites you want me to check, comment some links below! I would love to check up on more affordable cameras for you all!

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