Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera

What is this camera?

This camera that I will talk about is a little different from the others. First, what is an action camera? These types of cameras are for people who likes to capture moments that are in motion. Say, you want to take a high quality picture of a person doing a flip on their skateboard. Instead of the picture being blurry and shaky, action cameras will capture it nice and clear for you. It is for people who are into movement and dynamic aesthetics and if you’re one of those people, Xiaomi Yi 4K is for you.

Immediately, this camera is already one of the higher qualities I have seen so far. It is also very affordable for a good quality action camera. It has an Anti-Shake support which will help if you’re in an adrenaline-inducing moment! Xiaomi Yi 4K can also take videos up to 4K quality/30fps. For a camera that is $300US, that is amazing! It also supports WiFi, Low Light Adjustments and In Housing mode. Not only that, it is also touchscreen.

This camera is a little more complicated than the others, but if you take the time to play around with it, it can be fun to have. Xiaomi Yi 4K is small and light. Small that you can hold it with just two fingers! Overall, this camera receives a 3.7/5 because it is a little more on the costly side. However, it is a good camera to have around when going on fun and wild adventures.

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